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The San Francisco Bay Area is a hub for businesses with strong, positive company and corporate cultures. The company culture videos we produce capture and share the “personality” of a business, of its leadership and of its employees; it’s about the work environment, values, and passions of the people behind the company.  They are a powerful tool in marketing and for employee engagement because video connects your audience to your company on a human level.  

Because when we make decisions on what to buy, which company to hire, or what company to work for, our decisions always involve more than what your company does, it’s about “who” your company is. Build



As human beings, we are are drawn to stories that make us feel, and that reveal who others are and why they do what they do.  It’s behind the scenes that we see the heart behind the company. With our video storytelling expertise and beautiful video footage we capture, Faber Productions helps you to engage potential clients, potential new employees, and other audiences, on that deeper emotional level that inspires them to move in your direction.

Informatica is a software development company.  Our video on their “Informatica Involved” program, featured in our portfolio, demonstrates the importance to them of their corporate citizenship program It highlights the good they do and gives viewers a different perspective on the company, and how it’s values are expressed.




According to Forbes, although the idea of “corporate culture” has been around since the 1970s, only recently has it become a bigger priority for companies, as millennial workers and those on their heels have come into the workforce.  Today’s employees are looking for more than a job, they’re looking to become part of something that they value.

In our portfolio you’ll see a video we did for Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company, which provides an inside look at a particular project, and takes you into meetings and on site.  It shares the stories of employees, and their passion for the company, emphasizing the fun and collaborative nature of the culture. It also shows the ability for personal and professional growth within the company, which has been successful in motivating job seekers to reach out and apply.

Another use of a corporate culture video is for internal company use, for employee recognition events.  Everyone loves to be recognized, and millennials in particular appreciate, and often expect, recognition for their work. Employee-focused videos are motivational, and promote cohesion by giving voice to a shared sense of purpose.  

Our company culture videos also show at external events honoring top executives.  Often called “honoree videos,” they focus on the person being honored, but for us an honoree video means depicting and sharing the passion of the honoree for their company and its work. Nothing speaks to who a person is more than a video that reveals their passion.

To get the conversation started on how to produce an attention grabbing company culture video for your company, contact us.  We’d love to meet you!