Healthcare Videos that Empower

Healthcare Videos

You have exceptional physicians, nurses and staff, a hospital culture second to none and cutting-edge techniques and technology to serve your patients with excellence. But how do you get these messages to the right audiences?  Healthcare videos are the answer.

Faber Productions creates videos for health organizations and hospitals that share the valuable stories that demonstrate why your institution is amazing. We strategize with you in the creation and distribution of your videos, so they reach your audiences and share with them the passionate commitment of your staff at every level of the organization.  We also produce educational videos for the public and local communities, as well as hospital training videos to help your staff be even better at what they do.

Our videos will help you educate patients and the community, attract new patients, garner support, and educate, celebrate and inspire your team.

Some of the video production work in the healthcare world that we are most proud of is work for Alameda County Heath Department.  Visit our Nonprofits Portfolio to see videos we’ve done on the Crisis Intervention Training Program for Oakland and Alameda police officers.  The program was carried out in coordination with the Oakland Police Department to train officers in de-escalation techniques when finding themselves in a situation with someone who has a mental health condition.  The healthcare training explodes myths on the danger people experiencing a mental health crisis pose to others, and provides the knowledge and skills to necessary to resolve difficult situations and get people the help they need.

For reasons of confidentiality, we don’t put all our healthcare organization videos on our site.

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Our Nonprofit Videos in our portfolio include videos for the Alameda County Public Health Department and other organizations that serve local communities.

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