Videos For Nonprofits


The San Francisco Bay Area is blessed with nonprofits that act as positive change agents, supporting and empowering our diverse communities. Faber Productions is proudest when we create videos that advance the mission of these amazing organizations to positively impact people’s lives. We create effective marketing videos for nonprofits, and like any marketing video the goal to move an audience to take action.

For our nonprofit organization clients that means videos that educate and motive a target population, or videos that help long-term growth, such as fundraising videos and videos that educate the general public, foundations and government agency sponsors on what the organization is doing and how effective it is.

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Fundraiser Videos


In the portfolio, take a look at our marketing video for the St. Anthony’s Foundation. This video shares the passion of the organization’s leadership, and the voices of those whose lives have been transformed by their work, in a way that touches viewers at a deeply emotional level.  We always say that our goal is to make people laugh and to cry — and preferably both at the same time.  By the time the last smile has been felt and enjoyed, viewers will feel as if they know and trust the people behind the organization, how powerful what they do is, and they will become inspired to support the work.


Bringing People Together


The Alameda County Public Health Dept., Oakland Police Department, and the Family Education Resource Center combined forces to create the Crisis Intervention Training program for police officers, which educates them in the use of de-escalation techniques when on mental health crisis calls. Our videos for the program were used to capture and share the education of police officers, and create awareness of the program among the general public.

By sharing the authentic voices of those affected by their interactions with the police, and the voices of the officers themselves, each audience was able to connect with the experience of the other. Among the various benefits of our videos, after watching them officers from other counties asked to participate in the program, and this led to the program’s adoption by surrounding counties.

We loved this project because of the difference we were able to make in helping to spread the program.  It’s a perfect example of the power of video to make change.


Let us Help You Tell Your Story


Faber Productions will collaborate with you and your organization to create informational, motivational and inspiring videos, videos that educate the public, garner stakeholder support, train up staff, and change the world.  It’s what we do and what we love to do.