Mexican couple dancing in traditional clothing
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05 Nov Cisco Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Cisco turned to us to help them celebrate their Hispanic/Latinx employees during Hispanic Heritage Month. Our video for the company gives their employees throughout Latin America and the United States the opportunity to share their thoughts. Cisco shared this video with company teams across the…

Hathaway Dinwiddie CEO Profile Video
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22 Dec CEO Profile Video

Corporate Executive Appreciation Video This video played at an award event honoring Greg Cosco, CEO of Hathaway Dinwiddie.  This is a unique and effective take on an appreciation video that highlights not only the views and affection of others toward Greg, but Greg's own passion... READ MORE
corporate philanthropy video Informatica
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06 Nov Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Video This corporate social responsibility video for Informatica, a world leader in cloud management, highlights their Informatica Involved program.  Informatica Involved offers employees the opportunity to support social issues they have a passion for.  The video shares how positive corporate cultures can... READ MORE
Workplace Culture
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06 Nov Mollie Stone’s Markets

Workplace Culture This workplace culture video takes viewers on a tour of Mollie Stone’s supermarket, and reveals the pride that the owner and employees have in their work.  That pride is expressed in a deep commitment to excellence and to their customers. We show real-life... READ MORE
Smiling corporate executive in conversation
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06 Nov Employee Recognition Video

Executive Leadership Corporate Culture This corporate culture video played at an award ceremony for Pat Callahan, Vice President of Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company, in appreciation for his positive contributions to the broader community. This unique video not only highlights Pat as a person but reveals his... READ MORE
employee engagement daitan group
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06 Nov Branding Video

How Do You Create a Brand For Your Company? This branding video for the Diatan Group speaks to the company's long experience in their industry and shares and demonstrates the values of the company leadership when it comes to their partnerships with their clients. More... READ MORE
Company Culture Video
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06 Nov Company Recruitment

Management Team Recruitment Hathaway Dinwiddie gives us a firsthand look at their internship and new hires program, and the culture at the company. Viewers see and hear from company leadership and employees at all levels about how on-the-job training and committed mentoring create a rewarding... READ MORE