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Faber Productions produces smart, creative and effective videos for federal agencies.  As an approved General Services Administration (GSA) video production company, we’re proven to have the experience and expertise to create videos that advance the missions of government agencies.  We produce internal staff trainings and compliance videos, outreach and government educational videos, public health videos, videos that report program progress to stakeholders, and videos in Spanish for outreach and education.


Government Video Production at Every Level


If our reach is national, our roots are local.  We are very proud of the work we’ve done for the Alameda County Public Health Department. That includes a government video about their implementation of California state’s results-based-accountability evaluation mandate (RBA).  Our video on RBA served not only to inform agency staff and community based organizations about RBA, but to overcome their doubts and concerns and successfully create strong buy in.

Our Spanish videos for government and government funded entities successfully engage a population that is often underserved.  Our public health education video in Spanish for the University of California’s Cystic Fibrosis Center in San Francisco was created for families whose newborns have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

The video showcases three families with children of different ages not only coping, but thriving.  Fifteen years ago, cystic fibrosis was practically a death sentence.  Today that has changed.  Our Spanish language video for UCSF educates families, but most importantly inspires hope.

When it comes to video production for the federal government, Faber Productions has the expertise, experience and creativity to help you succeed.  Creating videos for federal agencies, as for all our clients, is not just something we do.  It’s something that we love to do.  Reach out to us and let’s talk about your project.