Educating the Public

Videos for Universities


Faber Productions produces videos for educational institutions. We are especially proud of our recent work producing videos in Spanish for UCSF’s Cystic Fibrosis Center. These videos are for Spanish-speaking parents of newborns recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. A key video we created is presented to parents at the moment of diagnosis, a moment of great stress and confusion, a moment in which they feel overwhelmed.  The video provides hope – realistic hope –  by featuring real parents and families coping, and their children thriving.

In part, this video reinforces the education parents are receiving on techniques to care for their children, but more importantly it shows that children can and will live relatively normal lives. One thing we have heard from parents is that no matter how often doctors and other providers tell you how to do something, or that they will be able to learn how to handle their child’s illness over time, there’s nothing more helpful than hearing the voices of, and seeing the lives of, families like them in similar situations.

Our videos for educational institutions are part of our extensive work creating videos for nonprofit organizations.

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Videos for Government Agencies


Faber productions is a federally-approved video production company creating videos for government agencies. As a result of our extensive experience creating videos for the state of California and local government agencies we’ve become a Federal General Services Administration (GSA) approved video production company. As examples of our governnment work, in our portfolio, you will see videos we’ve produced for Alameda County’s Public Health Department, which range from educational videos, videos of conferences, and others that raise awareness of social issues.


Our videos for educational institutions and government agencies are used to get messages out to the public, to specific communities, and to stakeholder partners.  We create videos for staff trainings, compliance videos and videos for internal communications.  Our videos for educational institutions and government agencies are in our portfolio, on a page that also features other videos for nonprofits.