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This real estate marketing video for The Grubb Company does more than show off a high-end property in Piedmont, CA. It reveals what it would be like to live in a gorgeous home nestled in a charming community.  We take prospective buyers to a nearby town, local shops, schools and a kid’s baseball game. The video tells a story of a home that’s part of a greater community, a “forever” home. It wraps up at an elegant dinner party in the spacious back patio, not only to show the home’s beauty at night, but to speak of a lifestyle that buyers aspire to.

Our client wanted something unique, something that would really stand out. After discussing it, we realized that what is often lacking in a real estate video is seeing the home being enjoyed by real people.  We also felt the broader neighborhood of Piedmont, a beautiful community where the house is located, was an important element to share.

And want to know a secret?  The “elegant dinner party” was a catered broker’s open house, which is something that we have begun to do with our other clients.  This video gives a unique take on how real estate marketing videos can help potential buyers to choose a home.  Both we and our client were excited about the project, and both of us were happy with the final result.  Our relationships with our clients is very important to us.  We listen closely and deeply to their needs and wants and collaborate on creating creative solutions.

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