There’s a construction boom in the San Francisco Bay Area, and more than ever companies need to stand out from their competitors. The videos we create for construction companies give them the tools they need to share their work with developers, stakeholders, architects, and potential clients.

Like all three-year-olds who love playing with their excavators, we bring all our imagination and creativity to the videos we produce. And as adults and professionals, we love sharing the expertise, craftsmanship, and art behind the work that makes towns and cities rise.

Faber Productions creates recruitment videos, executive profile videos, and videos for social media that share the progress of a construction project to keep those properties top of mind with real estate agencies.



Short videos for a construction project that are produced along the way can be posted on social media and/or sent to your clients and potential clients to keep your project top-of-mind. They can be shown within your company for employees and executives to share the work that everyone is doing. They can be posted on your website to attract the interest of potential employees. Who doesn’t love a cool time-lapse of a night-turns-to-dawn mat pour? Short videos on a longer project keep everyone apprised, interested, and, if done right, in awe.



In the world of construction, collaboration is key. It takes a strong team to plan and carry out the building of a skyscraper or to restore a historical building. At Faber Productions, we help construction companies capture and share their company culture through video to help with internal cohesion, recruiting, and in winning projects by giving architects and developers a behind the scenes look at the people behind the company. Videos capture not just the expertise in the work, they capture the passion behind the work.

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Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company is one of the most respected construction companies in California, providing pre-construction, project planning, designing, general construction, and construction management services.

Our comprehensive and varied work for Hathaway Dinwiddie included capturing the restoration of the iconic 1920s Mining Exchange Building in downtown San Francisco. We are proud that five of our videos on the project are currently showing in a permanent museum installation off the Grand Hall of the Mining Exchange. It’s been pure joy to tell the many stories behind this amazing construction and restoration project, which we captured from start to finish.

Check out our videos for this project and others we’ve done for Hathaway Dinwiddie in our portfolio.